Blood Drop Necklace Pattern

cr-_0032_DSC04223 cr-_0033_DSC04221
Materials you need Crochet Hook, red Yarn , you can play with hook and yarn sizes to create different Sizes of blood drop.

Safety Craft Eyes, 0r small black buttons, or black Yarn, stuffing materials. Total height about 5 cm (2 inches).

Round 1 4sc in magic Ring (or, ch 2 and 4sc in second ch. from hook). Join (sl st to first sc, ch1) .
Round 2 sc in each st, join with slip stitch.(8sc)
Round 3 *sc in first st. , 2 sc in next st * rep. from *.  Join with slip stitch ch1.(12)
Round 4 *sc in first st. , 2 sc in next st * rep.  from *.  Join with sl st ch1 (18)
Round 5 *sc in first st., 2 sc in next st.* rep.  from *.  Join with sl st, ch1 (27)
Round 6 sc in each st., join with sl st, ch1,(27)
Round 7 *sc in first two st, 2 sc in next st* rep from *.  Join with sl st ch 1(36)
Round 8 sc in each st., join
round 9 *sc in each st.,  join with sl st. ch 1 (36)

(About here you probably want to add the eyes – I used just those safety craft eyes, but you could use yarn or buttons, as well.)

Round 10 sc in each st, Join with sl st ch1(36)
Round 11 *sc in first st join with sl st, ch 1(36)
Round 12 sc in each st, join with sl st, ch 1(36)
Round 13 *2 sc tog ( decrease), 1sc * rep. from *, join with sl st, ch 1 (18). (stuff-as-you-go decreases)
Round 14 *sc, 2 sc tog*, rep..(9)
Round 15 2 sc tog, 4 times 1sc (5)
Round 16 2 sc tog, 2 times 1sc (3) (Cram as much stuffing as you can in as you’re closing him up, remember to be fairly firm.)  cut the yarn leave tail, pass the yarn tail through all the three loop (sc) fasten off.
L2gs make two legs . In magic ring cast on 4 sc.
Round 1 1 sc in each sc of round 1(8).
Round 2 2 sc in each 4 sc (8).
Round 3 2 sc tog 4 times (4).

Cut the thread leave tail pass ,thread the 4 sc fasten thread make 3 sc thread a needle attach to the drop as shown in th picture

The Chain *Ch. 3, 1bobble * rep from *to* 15times.* Ch. 3, slip one bead or one star bead 1bobble* rep from * to * 3times. then* ch3,1bobble* repeat 3 times from *to*. *Ch3, Slip one bead, 1bobble* repeat from *to* 3times. *ch3, 1bobble* repeat from *to* 15 times Fasten off. Attach the chain to the top of the drop by sewing stitch or fix a metal ring on the drop’s top and pass the chain through


ch chain
rep repeat
yo Yarn over hook
sc Single crochet
st stitch
bobble Work 4 0pen dc in same stitch leaving 5 loops on hook, draw yarn through all 5 loops at once.
2 sc tog 2 single stitch together( decrease)
2 sc in stitch 2 single stitch in same stitch (increase) .