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 Materials  Red yarn, hook( hook size depends on yarn size) you can play with the hook and yarn size to get different sizes of flower , if you choose a Tiny Hook and thin yarn you will get small flower but you can choose any size of beads you like and crochet all around as shown in the written pattern .You will moreover need small  white beads .
  Round 1  65 ch. into 4th ch from hook, work 1dc. *1ch, miss 2ch, (1dc, 2ch, 1dc) in next st. repeat from *to* till the last chain stitch work (1dc).
 round2 Row 2: 3ch, (1dc, 2ch, 2dc) into first 2-ch sp. *(2ch, 2dc, 2ch, 2dc) in next 2-ch sp. Repeat from * to the end. Turn.
 Round 2  6dc into first 2ch sp, 1sc into next 1-ch sp. (7dc into next 2-ch sp, 1sc into next 1ch sp) 12 times. (9dc into next 2-ch sp, 1sc into next 1ch sp) till the end. Leave a tail enough to weave in easily and fasten off.
 Finishing Thread the long tail on to a needle on the back of the flower and as you roll the rose up sew the base together. The large petals end up on the outside of the rose so start rolling from the small-petals end, roll first petal to make the center of the rosette, continue rolling layer by layer to form the shape of the flower ,tack each layer of the flower together being careful to get each layer and not pulling the thread too tight as this will distort the shape of the flower. Try to keep the base flat – if it ‘telescopes’ the rose will not be as pretty as flat. You can then use the tail to attach your rose to another item or tidy away the end.Make 3 chains of about 15 cm length thread the ends with 4 white beads knot tightly fold and fixed them from the centers to the back of the flower.
 Beads   (make 6) cast on a chain of 3 .
  round 1  work 6 sc in 2nd ch  from the hook.
 round 2   sc2 in each sc  of round 1 (12) ,
  round 3,4,5,6   sc in each st around (use stitch marker at the beginning of the row or use different color piece of yarn).Stuff with Polyester stuffing can choose a suitable beads size and crochet all around as shown in the link.
 round 7  sc2 tog. (6) .
 round 8  sc2 tog.,until you close your hole.
Fasten off and weave in all ends.


sl st slip stitch:A Slip Stitch is created by drawing the yarn over the crochet hook while simultaneously bringing it through both the loop and stitch at the same time.
ch chain : Make first chain. Then yarn over hook and draw through a loop on the hook to make second chain.
sc  single stitch : To form a Single Crochet, simply draw up a loop in the second chain on the crochet hook, bring the yarn over, and draw through both loops on the crochet hook.
dc double crochet stitch : To form a Double Crochet bring the yarn over the crochet hook insert the hook in the next stitch. Bring the yarn over the hook again and draw up a loop (yarn over hook and draw through two loops on hook, twice)
 sc2 tog  two single crochet stitches together(decrease). Insert your hook into a stitch and draw up a loop. Then insert your hook into the next stitch and draw up a loop. Finally, yarn over (yo) and draw through all 3 loops on your hook.
 sc2 in sc   two single crochet in one sc (increase).
 sp spsce : When a pattern indicates a space, you will crochet a stitch in the specified space rather than in the next crochet stitch