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        Free Crochet Spring Scarf Pattern

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 Flower  55 ch
 first row  dc in the 6th ch st*1ch, skip 2 ch, dc in the next ch st,2ch,dc in same ch st* rep to the end,dc in the last ch st.
 second row  1ch, in first ch2 space, work: *sc,hdc,dc,4tr,dc,hdc,sc, sc in 1ch space* rep from*to* 6 times. then work in next ch2 space *sc,hdc,dc,4tr,dc,hdc,sc,sc in next 1ch space*rep from * to * 6times. in 13th ch2 space work *sc,hdc,dc,1tr,dc,hdc,sc, then sc in ch1 space* rep from * to* to the end. faston thread of and cut leave long  enough tail .
  finishing  Thread the long tail on to a needle and start to roll up the rose, stitch the base together While you rolling up, the large petals end up on the outside of the rose . if you like a bigger or smaller flower, you can start with a less than 55 ch or more.
  leaf  ch14(mke two)
  first row  in 2rd ch st from the hook till the 11th work, sl st, sc, hdc, dc, tr, tr, tr, dc, hdc, sc.
  second row  1ch, sl st in last hdc st of first row ,3ch, sl st in last hdc stitch of first row, 3ch, skip the dc st, sl st in tr st, 3ch, skip 1tr, sl st in next tr, 3ch,skip  dc, sl st in hdc, 3ch, skip sc, sl st in first sl st of first row. 3ch sl st in 2nd st from the hook but on the other side of the leaf(as shown in the iagram),3ch skip 1ch ,sl st in the next ch,rep til the 10th ch from the hook, sl st in to the last 3ch , fasten off , cut and secure thread.
 Lace  with a measure tape measure your neck size and cast on a foundation  chain one inch more than your neck size.
 first row  2ch(counts as first dc),dc in next ch st*skip 1ch 2dc in next two ch stitches* rep till the end.
 second row  1ch,sc in each st till the end . 3ch(button hole), 3sc in first st of the foundation chain. sc in each st till the end. fasten , cut off and secure thread.
 scarf finishing  put the rose and two leaves together by sewing add them on the center of the lace, add a small button at the end of the lace opposite of the side with button hole.