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Materials:Hook, threads.You can play with thread and hook sizes to get different heart sizes.I used size 10 threads and with size 1.00 mm hook I got  (1inch=2.5cm)heart, with 1.65 hook I got  (1.25 inch=3cm) and with 2.10mm hook I doubled  the threads,I got(1.75inch=4.5cm) as you see in the picture.

Round1  work 5sc in a magic ring do not join mark the first stitch of the next round.
Round2  work 2sc in each st of round1 (10).
Round3 *Sc in in 1st   2sc  in 2nd sc* rep from *to* 5 times (15)
Round4 sc in each sc 15 times,fasten off cut the yarn leaving 6 inches tail.work the second humb exactly same as the first onebut,dont cut the thread . Thread the tail of the first humb and join the two humbs together in a point between the first sc and the last sc of round 3 . 
Round 5 Sc in each sc of round 3 all around both humbs (30).
Round 6 5Sc, sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, sc in nexr 10sc, sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, sc5(26).
Round 7 2sc, sc2tog,  sc, sc2tog, 2sc, sc2tog, 4sc, sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, 2sc, sc2tog,2sc(20)
Round 8 2sc, sc2tog, 2sc, sc2tog, 4sc, sc2tog, 2sc, sc2tog, 2sc(16).
Round 9 2sc, sc2tog, sc2tog, 4sc, sc2tog, sc2tog. 2sc(12)
Round 10 Sc4,sc2tog,sc4,sc2tog (10)
Round 11 2sc, sc2tog, 3sc, sc2tog, sc (8)
Round 12 sc, sc2tog, 2sc, sc2tog, sc(6),Fasten off  cut the thread leaving long tail , thread the tail pass the needle through all the remaining 6 sc tight the thread and close the opening completely by sewing it together,