Free Crochet Rose Pattern


Materials : 1.75 mm Crochet Hook , no 10 thread  and a sewing needle, You can play with hook and yarn sizes to create different Rose sizes.


Leave a long tail at the beginning so that you can use it to roll and stitch the rose together.
Round 1 Cast on a chain of 55,in to 4th ch from the hook work 1dc*1ch,skip 2ch,(1dc,2ch,1dc)*in next stitch ,rep from*to*to the end, turn.
Round 2 Ch3 (1dc,2ch,2dc)into first two ch sp.*(2ch,2dc,2ch,2dc)in next two ch sp* rep from *to*to the end, turn.
Round 3 6dc into first 2ch sp,1sc into next 2ch sp,(7dcinto next 2ch sp,1sc into next 2ch sp,12 times.(9dc into next 2ch sp, 1sc into next 2ch sp)five times. Leave a long tail to weave in and fasten off.
Finishing Thread the long tail onto a needle and  start to roll up the rose, stitch the base together While you rolling up, the large petals end up on the outside of the rose .For making leaves click here


ch chain
rep repeat
st stitch
sc Single crochet
dc Double crochet stitch
sp space