Black and White Crochet Necklace

Materials: Needle Hook, white and black yarn, Beads.
 Flower :Chain 8, Join to form a ring.
 round 1  Chain 6 ( 3ch counts as 1 dc + chain 3), *dc Into ring, ch 3* rep in between *to*  6 times, join With slip stitch in the third ch of first 6ch.
 round 2   sl st in the first ch of first 3 ch space,  then work * 1 SC, hdc, 3 dc, hdc,1 sc*, rep in between *to* six times in ch 3 spaces.   End with ss in first sc of the same round.


 round 3  Chain 5, sc in back row between two petals. Rep. 6  more times.
 round 4 Sl st in 5ch space. ch 1 *SC, hdc, 5dc, hdc, SC*, in 5ch  space. Repeat from * to* 6 times. End with sl st in back row in between the two petals .
round 5  Chain 7, sc in back row in between the petals ,6 times. 
 round 6  : Sl st in chain 7 space, ch 1. *Sc, hdc, 7dc, hdc, sc, in ch 7 space*to* 6 times.
 round 7    Chain 9, sc in back row, 6 times.
 round 8  Sl st in chain 9 space, ch 1. *Sc, hdc, 9dc, hdc, sc*, in ch 9 space. Repeat from * to*6 times.
 disc :   ( make 10 white and 10 black ) .Chain 5, Join to form ring.
round 1  Ch 1, 5 sc in ring. Join.
round 2  Ch 1, 2 sc in each sc of round 1 (10 sc) Join with slip stitch.Fasten thread wave in and secure.


Slip stitch ss
chain ch
Single stitch sc
Half double crochet hdc
Double crochet dc
space sp
repeat rep
 flower stitch diagram  scan2