Blue crochet Coffee Table Cloth free pattern



  To make this beautiful table cloth you need to crochet a single flower and a single blue and yellow disc repeatedly  as many as you need depending on your table size. My coffee table is  31*31 ,I  crocheted 144  flowers , 121 blue discs and 144  small yellow discs. All the flowers    and discs are attached to each other by hand sewing as shown.
Flower chain 8, join with sl st in first ch to form a ring ( as shown in the pattern below)
 round 1  16 sc in in the ring, ss in first sc.
 round 2     ch 6* dc , ch3* rep in between *to* 8times , ss in ch3 of the ch6.
 round 3   ss in ch3, ch1 * hdc, 4dc,hdc,sc* in first ch3 space. Rep from  *to* 7 more times, sl st in ch1 of ch6, fasten off secure thread .
 Blue Disc  chain 6, join with ss in first ch to form a ring. 
 round 1  14 hdc in the  ring , ss in top of first hdc, fasten off secure thread .
 Yellow disc  ch4, join with ss in first ch to form ring.
 Round 1  14 sc in ring, ss in first sc , fasten off secure thread .
 Finishing  After you finish crocheting the flowers and discs. The number of flowers and discs depends on  your table size . Attach flowers and blue discs to each other as shown in the picture by hand sewing until you get a table cloth that will     cover your coffee table. Hand sewing one yellow disc and gold sequins on esch flower  as in the picture. when you finish attaching all flowers and discs spread the work and spray thoroughly with starch. 


ss slip stitch
ch chain
sc single stitch
hdc half double crochet stitch
dc double crochet stitch
rep repeat
 flower pattern  flower1