a beautiful crochet purse free pattern

​​​​​​​although this is my second time  to design and crochet a purse, the result is so satisfied. It wasn’t  so heard all what you need to make it are thread, hook, and some patience.



    diagrams showing crocheting star stith

Materials you need:

  • royal blue, light blue  size 10 yarn (doubled) 
  • light and dark pink, white and purple size 10 yarn(doubled)
  • Hook size 3.5 and 2.5
  • sewing  needle
  • fabric to build up the lining of the purse 


 front and back start with royal blue(doubled  thread) and size 3.5 hook work a chain of 81 (multiple of twos+ 5ch)will end 15.5 inches  {(5+2) ch for the first star and 2ch for each of other stars}  follow  star stitch diagram  till the work becomes   5.5 inches (19star rows)   R20-21
 R1 insert hook in the 2nd ch from the hook pull up a loop,  do the same through the third. forth, fifth, and sixth ch from the hook (6loops on the hook) yarn over, pull through all of the 6 loops. ch1, now you have made first star. * hook into the eye, leg, base of the first star (see the picture) and the next two chains pull a loop through each you have now 6 loops on the hook, yarn over the hook pull through all the 6 loops and ch 1*( second star has done)  rep from *to * till the end of the round, 1hdc into the chain that last loop pulled up through (78)
 R2  ch2, turn around the work make 2sc in each star eye  until the end of the row (78)
 R3- 9  rep R1 and R2 8 more times (78  )
 R 10- 19 join the  light blue( doubled)  and rep R1 and R2 10 times (78)
 R20-21   join the royal blue ( doubled)  and rep R1 and R2  two times (76)
  handle(make two) with light blue (doubled  thread) and size 3.5 hook work 17 chain  follow the diagram pattern until your work becomes 14 inch
 flowers make four white, light pink, dark pink and purple flower ( or the color you choose)    according to the diagram below


sc single crochet stitch
ch chain stitch
hdc  half double crochet
rep repeat