On a quiet Saturday afternoon in April with a nice weather  outside, I set about  creating a simple green leaf crochet pattern. This is an easy and quick method and you can use it to build an entire tree or add them on a pillow case if you want to. Enjoy this free pattern and please do share your results on my Facebook page, I would love to see them!

materials you need :

1- size 3,5 hook

2- mary maxim best value size 4 green yarn

3-  spray starch

IMG_7023 IMG_9142


 R1 make a chain of 8,join with  sl st in first ch 
R2 work 6ch, dc in the ring, 5ch, tr in the ring, 5ch, dtr in the ring, 5ch, tr in the ring, 5ch, dc in the ring, 5ch ,sc in  the ring .
R3 work 2sc, 1ch, hdc,19dc, 1ch, 19sc ,1ch, 1hdc, 2sc, sl st in the first sc of R3
R4  1ch, sc in 2nd sc of R3, sc in hdc, 1ch,* sc in 1st dc, 1ch* rep. between *to* to the 19th dc then work 1ch, 2sc, 1ch, sc in first dc rep. working 1ch, sc in 2nd dc, 1ch, sc in 3rd dc till the 19th dc, work 1ch, sc in hdc, sc in next 2sc of R3, sl st in the 1st sc of R3 . Work now 10ch, sl st in all the next chs , sl st in 1st ch of R4
 leaf finishing  spread the leaf on a flat surface, spray with starch and let it air dry


ch chain
1st sc  first crochet stitch
R round
sc Single crochet stitch
st stitch
ch  chain
 sl st  slip stitch
 hdc  half double crochet
 dc  double crochet
 tr treble 
  dtr  double treble