Its nice and very useful, it has a big rounded handle so that you can hung it on the door nob when you are in the kitchen,bathroom and work place,

it could be a wonderful gift for a dear Friend. If you like it and decided to make it , use a thick thread  to get a thick purse for perfect protection.

img_4618 img_4360 img_4363


 front piece  ch of 15 stitches(it depends on your cell phone size).
 row 1  1ch,sc in 2nd ch from the hook, sc in every chain st till the end.
 1ch,then work *sc,dc*rep till the end.
 row2  rep row1 till you have a hight almost equel your cell phone hight, mine is (5.75 inches)
 back piece  work exactly same as the front piece till you get (8.75 inches) .
 finishing  fold the bacl piece 1.5 around the ring and sew close on the ring as shown in the picture.Sew the two pieces togetherleave the top opened. Add some decoration flowers .