Free Crochet Necklace Pattern

img_1622 img_4102 chain


 materials  hook, yellow , green  yarn, and size 3.0 hook
 flower  in yellow  or red, Leave a long tail at the beginning so that you can use it to roll and stitch the rose together.
 R1  ch 65
 R2  into 4th ch from hook, work 1dc. *1ch, miss 2ch, (1dc, 2ch, 1dc,ch1) in next st. repeat from *to* till the last chain stitch work (1dc).
 R3 Row 2: 6dc into first 2ch sp, 1sc into next 1-ch sp 6 times. (7dc into next 2-ch sp, 1sc into next 1ch sp) 12 times. (9dc into next 2-ch sp, 1sc into next 1ch sp) till the end. Leave a tail enough to weave in easily and fasten off.
flower finishing Thread the long tail onto a needle and start to roll up the rose, stitch the base together While you rolling up, the large petals end up on the outside of the rose .
chain  in green cast on ch5 join with sl st to the first ch
 R1 1ch(counts as ist sc,2hdc, 2dc,7tr, 2dc,2hdc,  sc, sl st in the 1st sc. ch17  ,then start working the 2nd leaf (as shown in the diagram)7ch sl st in  5th ch to form a ring.
 R2 1 ch (count as first sc)2hdc,2dc,7tr,2hdc,2dc,sc,sl st in first sc ,sl st in  last  ch. and then cast again 17ch ,work another leaf , rep that until     you get the chain length you like(my chain is 20 leaves total).
necklace finishing  hand sewing the flower to the center of the chain 


 r round
ch chain
rep. repeat
st stitch
sc single crochet
sp  space
hdc st half double crochet stitch
dc st double crochet stitch
tr st triple crochet stitch
sl st slip stitch