Pink Crochet Necklace


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This necklace is suitable to wear it on any time,  Day or night time, on white , black, pink or purple dress its going to look so wonderful. You can make it as a nice gift too.I have made it as a gift for my own  friend on her birthday, never forgot how happy she got when had it on .  Beads addition made it more  lovely.All what you need are : size 3.5 hook,some leftover of pink and burned purple size 3 yarn ,one big purple bead, 50 pink tiny beads and a small heart,a small metal ring for hanging the crochet heart and a Necklace Locket. Choosing yarns and beads color is up to you and whatever you like . You need to crochet a purple flower, 4 pink  beads, 4 burned purple beads and a pink heart.. 

flower  Leave a long tail at the start so that you can use it to roll up and sew the rose together.


round 1 Row 1: 65 ch. into 4th ch from hook, work 1dc. *1ch, miss 2ch, (1dc, 2ch, 1dc) in next st. repeat from *to* till the last chain stitch work (1dc).
round2  Row 2: 3ch, (1dc, 2ch, 2dc) into first 2-ch sp. *(2ch, 2dc, 2ch, 2dc) in next 2-ch sp. Repeat from * to the end. Turn. 
round3 : 6dc into first 2ch sp, 1sc into next 1-ch sp. (7dc into next 2-ch sp, 1sc into next 1ch sp) 12 times. (9dc into next 2-ch sp, 1sc into next 1ch sp) till the end. Leave a tail enough to weave in easily and fasten off.
  Flower finishing:

Thread the long tail in to a needle, on the back of the flower and as you roll  the  rose up sew the base together.Have  the large petals end up on the outside of the rose, start rolling from the small-petals end, roll first petal to make the center of the rosette, continue rolling layer by layer to form the shape of the flower ,tack each layer of the flower together being careful to get each layer and not pulling the thread too tight as this will distort the shape of the flower. Try to keep the base flat – if it looks like a ‘telescope’ the rose will not be as pretty as flat,cut the extra yarn secure the end.

 Beads   make 4 pink and 4 burned purple. ch3, 6sc in 2nd ch from the hook
round1 2sc in each sc around (12)
round2-6 sc in each sc around use stitch marker at the beginning of the row)
Stuff with Polyester stuffing material. 
round7   sc2tog  all around (6)
round8 (sc2tog) until you close your hole Fasten off and weave in all ends. For More details See this Video
heart   click here:   Crochet Heart  for how to crochet heart.